How to Disinfect Your House During COVID-19?

Everybody is trying their best to keep their houses clean amid this COVID-19 pandemic. However, a lot of people fail to realize that cleaning is different from sanitizing and disinfecting the house. Though sweeping and mopping can get rid of the dust and grime, sanitizing your home can help kill the bacteria. Here are the tips to remember while sanitizing your home:

Needed materials for sanitation

You should get various types of disinfectants to sanitize various types of surfaces. Alcohol-based all-purpose cleaners or phenyl-based bleach can help you sanitize your hard surfaces, windows, and floor. For your upholstery like sofa covers, covers, and more, you’ll be needing detergent for it.

Safety measures as you handle the cleaning products

Aside from the knowledge about sanitizing your home, It’s also important to know the precautions to take. Here are the following:

  • Never mix other cleaners and bleach or enable them to touch your bare hands.
  • Keep your windows and doors open to not inhale the cleaning product’s odor.
  • Always wear protective or rubber gloves, boots, and mask as you clean.

Ways to disinfect your room

  • Use warm water and detergent for your upholsteries and sofa covers. You can also incorporate water and vinegar if you want to eliminate stains.
  • All hard surfaces need to be cleaned with all-purpose surface cleaners, which you can always buy in the market. If you’re utilizing bleach, make sure to use the right ratio proportion to get the right consistency—5ml: 1L.
  • Your floors need to be cleaned with disinfecting liquids and phenyl. You can initially use the floor cleaners then follow it with a wiping a disinfectant.

Ways to disinfect your kitchen

  • Rinse your vegetable and fruits in running water and never utilize soap on them. If you have leafy veggies, eliminate the first 2-3 leaves then use it.
  • Use dish soap with anti-bacterial properties to wipe your utensils and kitchen surfaces that come in direct contact with your food.
  • To clean sink, platform, cabinets, and wood or metal surfaces, use an all-purpose soap or disinfectant. Then wipe them with a mixture of a bucket of water and bleach.

Ways to clean your bathroom

  • Disinfect your toilet seat with toilet cleaners.
  • Wipe other surfaces like bathtubs and washbasins with multi-purpose wipes and cleaners.
  • Disinfect your bathroom floors using bathroom cleaners that are widely available in all stores nationwide.

During these trying times in our lives, it is very important to make sure that our home will be kept cleaned and sanitized all the time to protect our family members from COVID-19. Also, we should always practice social distancing and resort to doing some new but necessary hygiene precautions to help to spread the virus even further.

However, if you’re unsure of how to do it properly and make sure that your family is 100% protected, never hesitate to reach us and use our comprehensive home cleaning services in Scottsdale AZ. Contact us today or visit our website for more information.


The Advantages of Hiring a Professional and Reputable Plumber

Some plumbing problems or issues might sound or seem simple to repair until you are personally experiencing one and you still have no clue whatsoever. Plumbing is actually a wide problem that involves lots of fixing, installations and maintenance. As a matter of fact, it is also not the job for everyone and that is the reason why there are plumbing experts like the best plumbers in Santa Rosa to deal with such issues. These professionals not only possess the necessary and required skills and knowledge but also the appropriate equipment and enough experience to carry out the work and diagnose certain problems. In addition to that, they offer long-term solutions where you can just repair temporarily.

The next time you deal with a plumbing problem, you’ll be doing yourself a big favor by contacting a professional and highly reputable plumbing service provider and this will definitely prove to be your best decision to come up with. Actually, there are a lot of advantages which one obtains for allowing a professional plumber take care of the plumbing problems and that is also the reason why you should not miss out on any services of the plumber. To begin with, there are a lot of certified plumbing companies out there that are available and this means that it will never be a difficult job getting into contact with them. The following are some of the advantages of hiring a professional and well-experienced plumbing service provider that you need to consider for your plumbing issues:

1. Professional Advice

After the service being done by a professional plumber, you can still ask for some recommendations and tips on how to do the maintenance in detail so that you can avoid problems in the near future as well as the contractors will also have the most useful information which you cannot get from anyone else. They have the knowledge and skills in the plumbing field and for that given reason, you can extract as much information and advices from them so you can prevent future problems.

2. Comprehensive Services

Professional plumbing service providers are highly-skilled to take care of all plumbing problems and because of that, you can take advantage of their rendered services. From repairing water and gas leaks, to hacking drainage and toilet clogs, plumbing contractors are well-equipped to tackle a way several issues which you could have no clue about. However, it is very important to know the type of services provided by the licensed plumbing company since some of them deal with just a limited number of plumbing services.

3. Saving Costs

Plumbing issues can be very costly however, that depends with how big the damage is. Professional and highly reputable plumbing service providers like a plumber Santa Rosa can definitely help you save money by giving you a long-term solution to your plumbing issue. If the permanent solution is rendered properly, then you will no longer require to have any plumbing services any time soon and that will not be the case if you were the one who took care of the problem.


Clearing Pests in Your Home

It is already very late in the morning and you are trying to get yourself into sleep before the alarm sounds for work. However, all you hear is that the scratching and disturbing sound behind the wall. You wonder if the rats or mice behind those walls are starting to build their nest in your own bedroom.

In order to exterminate mice or rats in your household, a homeowner should be very persistent. If it can’t be done, then the help of professional exterminator services Santa Rosa should be hired. The rats or mice might have come into your property if the door was open for a long period of time. As a matter of fact, they may even enter if the windows do not have screens on them and are left ajar as well.

Even if the homeowner is very vigilant about closing doors or windows, rodents may squeeze through tiny cracks or chips just to get into the building. They may have drawn their attention by the warmth or maybe the smell of the mango pie you bake inside the house. However, once they are all in, the mice or rats will begin to build their permanent residence wherever they are comfortable. And then they’ll probably begin to invite their mates and friends. And of course, there will be reproduction that will take place which needs thorough extermination.

One of the best methods in order to eliminate mice or rats is to give them nothing. You should also make sure the dishes are all rinsed clean away right after meals. In addition to that, place all foods in impenetrable areas such as your fridge and steel container. Plastic isn’t good enough since rats or mice will just chew a hole into it to eat the food inside the plastic container.

Sometimes, the fresh peppermint or essential oil of peppermint will inhibit rodents to penetrate. They do not want the smell of the peppermint so they won’t congregate in places which are scented with this particular smell. Therefore, if a homeowner is worried that the mice or rats will build a nest in their child’s bedroom or the main bedroom, concentrate the scent in that area. It may not be that pleasant however, it’s a lot less jarring compared to scratching behind walls all night from those nocturnal pests.

Also, mice or rats look for materials to build their homes. They want anything that’s lying around the corner which does not have to be all cut up. That would sometimes mean debris such as garbage. Therefore, always be very vigilant in taking all the trash out on a regular basis and do not leave it lying around in the middle of the night. Aside from that, mice and rats will chew up sheets and rags to create parts of their homes. They will also gather their materials stealthily and slowly. Do not ever leave anything on your floor. Put them in your drawers or in impenetrable places.

When the homeowner has a smaller rodent issue, that person may feel great about leaving traps around their home. The rodents may fall for traps however, there’s also the possibility that they will avoid mouse traps and become highly proficient. If this is the case, experts suggest that you contact a professional exterminator near me.


A Quick Guide to Preventing Plumbing Repairs and to Save Money

The moment you are hiring professional plumbers to repair the broken plumbing system for your residential or commercial property, then you must have already known that you need to pay them a good amount of money. Almost all of the professional plumbers have the same rates. However, we have listed some tips below that can help you save money when you are hiring a plumber near me for your property. If you are interested in saving more money, then you should follow this guide.

1. Don’t Call If It’s Not Important

Avoid calling a plumber for only small problems. Help yourself and discover the source of the problem. It can only be a disconnected hose outside or something very minor. If you call a professional plumber for every problem that you encounter with your plumbing system, then chances are you are really going to pay for a lot or for every service they are going to perform on your plumbing system even if it is just minor, the rates will still be the same.

2. Take Care of Your Plumbing System

To avoid early or unnecessary repairs, make sure that you are taking care of your plumbing system. Use it carefully so that you can avoid having problems at the end of the day. The more you take care of it, the more it will last.

3. Don’t Ignore Your Old Pipes

Pay attention to old pipes. If some of your plumbing pipes are already old then you have to take care and pay attention to it. Do not hang anything on it so that you can avoid causing more damage.

4. Pay Attention to Water Drips

If you think that small drips cannot cause anything, you are very wrong because those small drips can add up into many gallons of waste water in a day to day basis. That means that you have to pay attention even if this is just a small drip.

5. Use Drain Strainers Instead of Drain Cleaners

It is not good for your pipes because it will cause corrosion which something that you do not want because that will make your plumbing system brittle and that means that it will not last a long time given the damage that these drain cleaners have caused your plumbing system. You can instead buy a drain strainer. This is useful so that it can trap all the fall out hairs when someone is taking a bath in the shower. If you are going to clean it, use only little soap and a paper towel.

6. Make Sure to Turn it Off

Everyone in the house should know where the switch of turning it off is located so that if you will encounter spillage and leaks, you can easily turn the source off to avoid more problems. If you do not do this then the possibility is that it will add up to your stress because you are going to clean a pool after a serious leak.

While these tips are helpful in saving money, it’s still more helpful if you leave the major plumbing repairs to the hands of the professionals such as Santa Rosa drain cleaning services.


Benefits You Can Get From Landscaping

Landscaping has a lot of advantages in our property not only that it wants us to spend more time outdoors so that we can breathe healthier air, feel that cool breeze and a whole lot more it also looks good and enhances our property’s appearance.

It is important that we know how to take care and maintain our property well in order for us to reap the rewards and benefits that the landscape that provides us. May it be a beautiful garden, vegetable garden or any landscape design you can choose from you can get a whole lot of it.

Having commercial landscaping done in our homes or even business areas provide numerous advantages and benefits. Below are some benefits that we can get by having great landscaping in our home.

A Great source of Food and Income

When we plan to have a fruit, vegetable, or herb garden we can save a whole lot of money rather than buying ingredients in the market. Not only that we can save money but we can have easy access to a more healthier and organic food since we are the ones who plant and nurture it.

We can even sell it or make many products out of it so it can give us income. Planting is a great past time for us a form of activity that we can exercise and eat healthy so that we can live a much better lifestyle.

A Great Way to get away from Stress

When we go out more and do some activities may it be gardening, maintaining and cleaning our garden. It helps us promote a great way of relaxation and enjoyment seeing the result of our hard work.

We get to look at nature more, breathe fresh air, and a lot more spending more time outdoors gives us a great relaxation and relief from stress just looking at that beautiful garden, feeling the fresh breeze while doing the stuff that we love can be great for our mental health.

More Space for Entertaining

When you work on a good landscape your family and friends would love to spend more time outdoors. Doing some activities, it gives you more room in where you can keep your family and guest entertained especially when you are planning to throw parties or some activities for them.

Increases your Home’s Value

Rather than just staring a black space at your home having landscaping done to your home is a great investment you can spend a lot of time outdoors when it is done. Not only that you can save money from energy bills when you stay indoors but you can also increase your home’s value especially when you are planning to sell it in the future.